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Golden Tulip Bishkek Hotel is the First International 4 star hotel in Kyrgyzstan.
We invite you to visit World Nomads Games to be held in Kyrgyzstan! The World Nomad Games will be held in 2016 from 3 – 8 of September at the shore of the Issyk-Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan.
Ak Sai Travel offers services in arrangement of conferences and seminars in Bishkek and at Issyk Kul lake.
Dear friends, neighbors and guests, The festival will be held in the village Karool-Dobo, Chon-Kemin in Chui province. Kyrgyz customs and traditions are rich and interesting ethno-cultural complex. You can see firsthand and take part in national ceremonies and traditions ( "Beshik Saluu» - laying the baby in the cradle, "Tushoo Kesu '- the ritual put cutting child, weddings, etc.). All this is accompanied by playing on national instruments and melodic songs.

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