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Dear Colleagues! Let us kindly inform you that "Ak - Sai Travel" Company will participate in TTG Travel Experience 2018 in Italy. Please visit our stand C1 - O5, we will introduce you our products and services in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia.
Dear colleagues, We would like to invite you to visit the jewelry of Kyrgyzstan, Issyk Kul Lake in the velvet season. This is the most favorable time to combine recreation with work for the best price. Your event or meeting will definitely have a great success surrounded by magnificent nature of the mountain lake.
Dear colleagues, Summer is a great time to spend it on the fresh air, faraway from civilization surrounded by fascinating nature. And we are glad to invite you to stay in a yurt like a real nomad. Ak-Sai Travel is happy to offer you such a wonderful opportunity to combine your event in a five star hotel and after a hard working day spend a restful time in yurt camp.

Teambuilding tour "Yurt Construction"

Number of people in the group: 10-150 people
Number of days, night: 1-2 days
Season: all year around

It can be one or two days tour. It all depends on the wishes of the customer. A detailed program of event is developed individually for every client. We will be happy to consider all your comments and suggestions to make this tour the most effective!

All participants are divided into 3 teams. They represent the tribes of ancient nomads, new territories to grow roots. And for this they need to build their own housing (tent), but for this they need the appropriate materials. At the beginning, participants receive a package with the task, which defines the rules of the game. The task team on completion of the program to build your own tent, to come up with their own traditions and rituals, and to present their community at the general council of all the villages.

All members of the teams are divided by roles: miners, 15 people are sent to the production of the material. They are tested for their team who bring a set of necessary items for the building.

Builders - 10 people. As the miners deliver material, builders erected the village.

Sages - 3-4 people from teams who must unravel the ancient rock paintings and they make the common phrase.

Each test - the exercise of varying complexity. Participants should archery, jumping from a high cliff, rock climbing, etc.

You have a unique opportunity - learn to build a house with his own hands. And not just any house, but a real house of nomads. An excellent opportunity to learn how to work together, as well as to listen to and hear each other. These factors are among the most important moments in a well-coordinated team work.
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